Summit Discipleship for Life


Summit Discipleship for Life

Building Up in Every Season of Life

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To "summit" is to make the extended and strenuous push to climb  and reach the peak of the mountain. Summit offers a clear growth path to help every believer live as an increasingly faithful disciple of Jesus Christ during every season of life.

Two levels of Summit Courses will run concurrently. Foundations will be held on Sunday mornings from 9-10:15 am during the Fellowship & Bible Study hour and Summit Advanced will be held on Sunday evenings at 6-8 pm in the Worship Center.

Summit Foundations

Foundations classes will include:

Basics of Spiritual Growth

How do you begin to grow spiritually? How do you continue to become more like Jesus? What does the Lord's Prayer teach us about how we should relate to God, how God changes us in the process and how our spiritual formation changes the way we live? How do you as a fully devoted follower of Christ live your life in an attitude of faith and expectation and avoid being crushed and devoured by the Evil One? The Lord's Prayer gives you a model, not only for praying, but also for growing spiritually each day as a follower of Jesus. (6 sessions)

Why I Trust the Bible

We can no longer assume that people trust their Bible. The popular media has launched such an attack on the believability of Scripture that our people have serious questions about the Bible. Are you ready to answer them? Did Jesus actually live? Did the biblical writers get it right, or did they slant/create the message? The gospels were written so long after Jesus lived, how can you trust them? How can you believe a Bible that is full of internal contradictions with itself and external contradictions with science? Doesn't archaeology disprove the Bible? Why should we believe the books that are in the Bible, when many good ones were left out, like the Gospel of Thomas? Why trust the Bible when there are so many and contradictory translations? These questions and more are discussed and answered in this class. (11 sessions)

A Guide to Christian Beliefs

Every Christian ought to have a working knowledge of what they believe and how it impacts their lives. We all have a theology; we all have a set of core beliefs that control how we think and how we behave. But do you know what you believe? Do you know what is driving your thought and actions?  (8 sessions)

Essentials of Christian Apologetics

An introduction to Christian apologetics. (6 sessions)

A Short Course on Evangelism

Christianity is a relationship with God. Not a philosophy of life, but a way of life. Here you will find explained what the Gospel message is and how we can effectively share it with others. 90% of evangelism is showing up and paying attention. The same power of the Holy Spirit that was available to Jesus and the disciples is available to us today. Pray that you will recognize and exercise the gifts the Holy Spirit gives you to be effective in your sphere of influence. (10 sessions)

Summit Advanced

Advanced classes will include

Understanding Theology

We all have a theology, a set of beliefs, but many are not able to articulate it or really understand it. This class will walk you through a basic evangelical understanding of God and His Word.  (11 sessions)

Bible Study Methods

What is Bible study? Why do we study these specific 66 books? What type of literature are we studying? What are the practical steps we should take? How do we determine a word's meaning? How do we apply the text to our lives? This course will start with an introduction to Hermeneutics, then move on to Principles of Exegesis, Steps for Exegesis and other studies. (7 sessions)

Spiritual Formation: How to Grow Spiritually When You Feel Stuck

The Christian life is not fundamentally about being a moral person, obeying a set of principles, or doing spiritual disciplines. The Christian life is about opening our heart to a relationship with the living God. As we depend on the indwelling Spirit and experience abiding in Christ, we will learn an obedience that comes without the burden of guilt and shame. Includes studies: Why We Sin When We Know so Much, Going On with God in Dark Nights, etc. (10 sessions)

Life of Christ

The gospel message is primarily about two things: forgiveness that leads into relationship with God and the distribution of the Spirit. This class focuses on the four Gospels to show how Jesus taught this message by what he said and by his actions. We will compare and contrast the similarities and differences in the synoptic Gospels as well as highlighting the uniqueness of the Gospel of John. Be ready to be challenged as you come face to face with the God of the universe who became a man and lived among us to show us who God really is. (13 sessions)

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Building Up in Every Season
On this mountain the LORD of hosts will make for all peoples a feast of rich food, a feast of well-aged wine, of rich food full of marrow, of aged wine well refined.
Isaiah 25: 6ESV