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Building Up in Every Season

Building Up in Every Season

A Building Up Ministry

On this mountain the LORD of hosts will make for all peoples a feast of rich food, a feast of well-aged wine, of rich food full of marrow, of aged wine well refined.
Isaiah 25: 6ESV

Our journey through life is like a great mountain climbing expedition, full of ups and downs, peaks and ravines, hazards and triumphs. As Christians, God is with us during every moment of the climb. However, we must equip ourselves for the journey as important and difficult as life. By so doing, we prepare to enjoy God and live for Christ with every step. At Lake Ridge Baptist Church we seek to equip every believer, from our youngest children to our most seasoned senior saints, to faithfully follow Christ during every season of life.

Summit Discipleship for Life

Meet Christ ^ Enjoy Christ ^ Be Like Christ ^ Share Christ

To "summit" is to make the extended and strenuous push to climb and reach the peak of the mountain. Summit offers a clear growth path to help every believer live as an increasingly faithful disciple of Jesus Christ during every season of life. Learn more...

Ascent Young Adult Ministry

Encounter Christ ^ Experience Community

Our young adult ministry equips and encourages young adults as they begin the climb of adult life from the early years of college and career to the formation of families of their own. Learn more...

Refuge Student Ministry

Engage ^ Excite ^ Express

A refuge is a place of shelter from the sudden storms and challenges encountered as students begin climbing the mountain of life. Refuge provides an atmosphere and space for students to engage in authentic relationship with Christ and others, be excited about growing closer to Christ, and grow in their desire to express Christ to others. Learn more...

Basecamp Kids' Ministry

Know ^ Grow ^ Show

A basecamp is a staging area for climbers to gather before they set out for a climb. It's an area of preparation. We help prepare your child with a solid foundation before they head out on their Christian climb. Learn more...