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Sunday Morning Bible Preaching

Current Sermon Series: Joy!

When we read the Christmas story, there's an extraordinary joy experienced by everyone who played a part in the birth of God as a tiny baby. Zechariah blessed, Mary praised, angels proclaimed, shepherds glorified, the devout saw salvation, and wise men rejoiced. God offers that same joy to each of us through His Son Jesus Christ. Join us this Advent as we reflect on the joy of the season and take ahold of that joy for ourselves.

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Following Christ in 21st Century Corinth

Wednesday Night Bible Study

A church dividing, personality-driven factions spreading, socio-economic divisions widening, and sexual sin permeating the church amidst a prosperous, promiscuous, self-centered, tolerant, and hedonistic society. This could easily describe modern America, but actually describes the Roman colony of Corinth in the 1st century. No church or location was more like our modern-day setting than ancient Corinth. In this Bible study, we will apply Paul's letter to those churches to the challenges of our own day.

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