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Sunday Morning Bible Preaching

Current Sermon Series: Habits of Highly Godly Christians

While the word "discipline" is seldom popular in our culture, Christians have known for two thousand years that certain biblical habits, "spiritual disciplines," remain vital to our transformation to become ever more like our Savior, Jesus  Christ. This fall we're looking at how these disciplines were practiced in the book of Nehemiah, as God worked powerfully to not only rebuild the walls of His city, but more importantly, He rebuilt His people.

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Encounter Jesus

Wednesday Night Bible Study

How well do you know Jesus? Have you heard Him, or just heard about Him? Do you want to know Him better? This is a Bible study for every level of knowledge and church experience. You are welcome to attend on Wednesday nights for the live session of this study at 6:30 pm. Everyone is free to ask Pastor Brian questions, but he will never put anyone on the spot! This fall we continue our study as we look closely at the words and actions of Jesus recorded in the gospel of Luke.

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