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Sunday Morning Bible Preaching

Current Sermon Series: The 7 Churches of Revelation

Every church and every Christian has a God-given mission. However, there are roadblocks the Adversary uses to knock good churches off course. He uses those same roadblocks to knock good Christians off course, leaving us struggling, confused, and ineffective for God.

This spring we'll carefully consider Jesus' messages to seven early churches in the book of Revelation. We'll identify potential roadblocks to our faith and church then learn Christ's encouraging words so we can individually shine brighter and collectively Be the Lighthouse God has called us to be.

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April (and May)

You've got questions. The Bible has answers.

Pastor Brian Burdett will connect your questions to the Bible's answers. Questions must be submitted beforehand but you can ask about ANYTHING and Pastor Brian will do his best to present biblical answers to as many questions as he can on Wednesday nights during April/May 2019.

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