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BE – Reaching Out

Be the Lighthouse

We’re temporarily stepping out of the parables series to complete the “Be the Lighthouse” series. Jesus came to seek and save the lost – is that our passion? What does it look like to Be Reaching Out?

Scripture Reference

1 Peter 3: 13-17

Complementary Passage: Psalm 136: 1-9

Sermon Audio

Sermon Notes

Our 2019 Emphasis: BE THE LIGHTHOUSE!

  • We Reach Out With Hope Revealed Through Christ-Like Action (verse 15)
    • In Christ, we have hope amidst a dark, hurting, and hopeless world
    • We must live our hope (Be the Lighthouse)
  • Four Forms of Reaching Out: Invite, Invest, Converse, Convince
    • “Evangelism” scares most of us, conjuring up images of memorized scripts and confrontation. That isn’t what evangelism should look like in 2019
    • There’s at least one form of evangelism suited for every person, including you: Invite, Invest, Converse, Convince
  • Have No Fear: The Rewards of Reaching out
    • It’s natural to be afraid, but don’t be (verses 13, 14) – Christ is with us, so let’s fill our hearts with His holiness (verse 15)
    • God blesses our faithfulness in reaching out (verses 16-17)