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Stop Becoming and BE

Be the Lighthouse

We being our 2019 Emphasis a couple of days early, because it’s so big 2019 can’t contain it! After a hear and a half of hard work, changes throughout the church, developing new pieces, programs, and processes in order to become the lighthouse, it’s time to BE THE LIGHTHOUSE. In 2019 we will shine, as we are, where we are, and work to shine every more brightly, because Jesus commands us to.

Scripture Reference

Matthew 5: 14-16

Complementary Passage: James 1: 22-25

Sermon Audio

Sermon Notes

Our 2019 Emphasis: BE THE LIGHTHOUSE!

  • WE are the Light of the World (verse 14)
    • Jesus is emphatic – “YOU” (plural) are the light of the world – it isn’t conditional or dependent on accomplishing certain things. It’s who we are.
    • Lake Ridge Baptist Church is the city set on a hill – our address isn’t an accident. We’re here for a purpose and we need to live that purpose to Rockledge, River Ridge, Westminster, Thousand Oaks, Harbor Drive, Old Bridge Road, etc.
  • We Must Shine Publicly (verses 15-16)
    • Don’t hide the light (verse 15). God didn’t place us here to shine the light inside our walls for our own benefit.
    • Jesus COMMANDS us to shine (verse 16). Not when we’re ready, have time, have money, or have the church all fixed up – NOW!
    • Shine so non-believers see our actions and accept and glorify God – our most powerful evangelism is through our Christ-like actions
  • It’s Time to Shine!
    • If you aren’t shining, start! Find your passion and shine where you are
    • If you’re shining dimly, shine brighter! What’s holding you back? Five to Thrive
    • If you’re shining brightly, keep strong! Make sure your spiritual practices will sustain you
    • Fire in Your Belly (coming January 13)