Saturdays @ LRBC

Lighthouse Dinner Church

Saturdays @ 5:00 pm

A lighthouse guides ships to safety as they travel choppy and dangerous seas. Our ultra-modern 21st century Northern Virginia life can also be choppy, stormy, exhausting, and hazardous at times. We each struggle to navigate the daily challenges of career, family, and of course, traffic.

If you're feeling stressed out, stretched out, and desperate for a place of peace and calm, we invite you to join us in a different kind of community and for a different kind of encounter with the God who loves you and desires to be in relationship with you.

The Lighthouse is a place to come as you are and enjoy friendship, family, and a delicious community dinner served in a relaxed atmosphere on Saturday evenings. (You don't have to cook dinner, it's free...and no, we won't stick you with the dishes.)

Saturday Night Dinner Church meets in the Fellowship Hall (enter through the Main Entrance).

> Stories (everyone has one)

> Free Dinner

> Casual -
come as you are

> Family Friendly