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Flower Ministry

Flower Ministry

A Welcoming In Ministry

Sunday Flower Dedications....

You can help beautify our Sanctuary through the year by donating a live altar flower arrangement in honor or memory of loved ones. It's simple to do:

  1. Visit 2019 Flower Signup (at SignUpGenius)
  2. Pick a date to sign up for.
  3. Enter your name, email address/phone number and your dedication.
  4. Give your check (minimum amount $35) for the flowers to the church office prior to your date (mark it for "Sunday flowers").
  5. The flower committee will do the rest.
  6. Your dedication will appear in the Sunday bulletin for the week your chose.

...Become Weekly Smiles

If you dedicate a flower arrangement or one has been dedicated to you, you are free to take the flowers home with you on Sunday after the worship service. However, if you leave them, we turn them into 3 or more smaller arrangements and deliver them to our neighbors to share a smile with them.  Our talented flower ministry uses nice coffee cups and other small containers to create these little bits of sunshine. Then we pick houses in our neighborhood at random, for no reason at all except to share a little bit of love with them. It's amazing how fresh flowers can brighten a day!

How You Can Help

Every year we post an online signup so you can pick a week to dedicate flowers. If you aren't able to manage the online signup, just call the church office and we'll give you a hand. There are usually dates available throughout the year that no one has sponsored.

We are also on the lookout for small containers to use for the mini-arrangements we create to distribute in the neighborhood.  Decorative coffee cups are always good (no logos or company advertising on them but still in excellent condition). If you are getting rid of something like that, feel free to bring it to the church office.